Essilor RGB 3Essilor is the world leader in developing, manufacturing and personalization of corrective lenses. Essilor is active in five continents and offers a wide range of lenses to correct myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism.


80% of all information about our environment is received through our vision. The quality of our vision is essential to our life especially due to the demanding requirements which current modern living brings: reading, daily working with computers, driving, sports activities, etc. Almost half of the population in industrialized countries wears glasses or contact lenses. People in their forties are very often dealing with naturaly reduced quality of vision called presbyopia, which must be solved early and thoroughly. Continuous growth of the optical indrustry is caused by increasing age of population and economic development. The increasing number of well-informed customers expects even more effective solutions tailored to their daily needs.

Essilor, the world's largest manufacturer of corrective lenses, holds its no. 1 position on the market because of:

  • Continuous improvement of high quality products supported by increasing activity in the field of research and development
  • Products' brands (Varilux, Crizal, Airwear) which became a universal standard of quality and technological innovation
  • A team cooperating on sharing information, knowledge and experience, which are often unique in the world
  • Close cooperation between all "players" in the optical industry


Varilux logo new BW ceskycomputer
Varilux lens guarantees its users natural and flawless vision at all distances – when reading, working with computer or looking into the long distance. The natural transition between distances, fast and easy adaptation is a must. Varilux is the best solution for correction of presbyopia.
One of the Varilux brands is also Varliux Computer which provides you with comfortable and healthy vision when using the computer.

Crizal lens provides perfectly clear vision! Crizal lens protects you from annoying reflections when working with computer or driving at night (anti-reflective design) and eliminates the other enemies of clear vision such as smudges, dust, scratches and water drops. In addition, new Crizal UV lenses - even they are completely clear, offer you maximum protection against UV radiation. Crizal lenses also include a serie of colored Sun lenses which will provide you with maximum comfort and protection during your stay in the sun.

Xperio logo
Due to its polarization, Xperio lens provides the perfect vision even in direct sunlight. Xperio eliminates dangerous reflected glare and reflections and improves reaction time of car drivers – it is ideal for driving. Xperio lenses bring you clear vision and offer true color perception in sunny weather.

Airwear logo
Airwear lens has been well adapted for its comfort and safety during wearing. These lenses are made of special material which makes them unbreakable. They are suitable for everyday wearing, doing sports, reading and they provide perfect protection for your children´s eyes.

Optifog lens eliminates foggy vision which occurs with change of temperature, eg. change of temperature from cold to hot, when drinking hot drinks, cooking, running, etc. Moreover, Optifog lenses minimize reflections, they are easy to clean and resistant to dust and scratches.

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