Glasses lenses

Eyeglass lenses

We offer to our customers a wide range of dioptric, sun and protective lenses differing by quality, material and price that anybody can choose from. We offer the following brand glasses: ESSILOR, ZEISS, RODENSTOCK, NIKON, HOYA, OPTIKA ČIVICE, OMEGA OPTIX, ...

The choice of suitable corrective lenses is given by the customer's refraction error, type of frames and required level of quality. Nowadays, there are various types of eyeglasses lens for specific customer needs - their work and habits. You can wear distance or nearsight glasses, however, a more comfotable solution are usually multifocal glasses that enable bright sight in all distances at the same time. If you work with a computer, you can try eyeglass lenses for computer work. We will happily help you find a type of eyeglass lenses suitable for you.

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